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The New Frontier of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Industry 2019

June 08, 2015

Do you feel auto parts are overpriced and just hard to find? 

Everyone agrees that buying online and saving from retailers with big overheads and high mark-ups is great and allows a more equal playing field with fairer prices.

The aftermarket auto parts industry has shown steady growth in recent years, with more sales and brands shifting to online marketplaces and websites.


Did you know Amazon had joined the party?


In 2017 Amazon struck deals with various leading auto parts suppliers in the US to sell their products directly through Amazon.

"The market generated more than $68 billion in revenue in 2015, according to Grand View Research. And The Financial Times reported last year that, while US auto sales grew only 1% per year over the previous decade, sales at the major aftermarket auto parts chains grew 7% per year. This is largely due to an aging vehicle fleet in the US, which has drummed up business for aftermarket parts sellers." ~ Business Insider


E-commerce soaking up the shift!


Similar to Amazon, we decided to jump on board. By reducing overheads and shifting to the new E-Commerce space we are allowing Kiwi's to shop online and save.

"E-commerce auto parts sales in the US grew 16% last year to reach $7.4 billion, with Amazon and eBay holding the top two spots in terms of online auto parts sales, according to market research firm Hedges & Company." ~ Business Insider


Here's a Fiverr on us!

To sweeten the deal we have created a $5 coupon for further savings with our auto parts online.

Simply Enter: GET5OFF at checkout and get $5 off your aftermarket car parts and accessories!





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