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🎥 Video: How to Clean and Maintain your Mags - Sparkling and Scratch Free!

May 16, 2019


⚠️ Never use the brush at the car cleaner! Use a soft microfiber cloth instead that's not going to scratch the wheels up . Many mags and paint jobs have a gloss finish too them and just like paint if you are going to rub a brush all over them its going to scratch them up.

👣 Steps:

  1. Rinse the tyres and mags. If using paid car wash pre-pay the high pressure spray option.
  2. Leave on longer than 30 seconds - Use your cleaner of choice and spray the entire wheels and mags. When you've finished spraying cleaner to all the wheels rinse without leaving on too long. You can do each wheel one by one, spray then rinse or do the whole set if your quick enough to get around the car then rinse in one hit.
  3. Grab an old microfiber cloth and use to dry quicker or let them sit for a short while. Note: don't use on your paint job after using on your wheels
  4. Let them sit and dry off, or use the microfibre cloth to dry quicker.
  5. Carefully apply Tyre Shine/Dressing to the tyres only and not the Rims and Mags.
  6. Let them sit and dry and you're good to go!

💡 Protip: Apply Dressing to a cloth/rag and rub on tyres to not have access go on your brake pads, paintwork or mags.

👍 Pros of Tire Shine/Dressing

  • Speaking generally, tyre dressings helps prevent fading, cracking and hardening of your tyres. 
  • Tyre Shine dressing also helps revitalise old rubber leaving a rich shine.
  • It can come in aerosols, sprays, gel or liquid. 
  • Water-based dressings are biodegradable, unlike other products on the market.

👎 Cons of Tire Shine/Dressing

  • Solvent-based Tyre Dressing has a greater chance of slinging onto the paintwork while driving.
  • Petroleum distillate liquids within the product can harm the tires and paint job over time.
  • Be careful some types of tire dressing actually damage the tire in the long run.
  • Brakes can be damaged from aerosol types of Tyre dressing with over spray.

Warnings: On the back of many big brand wheel cleaners it has a warning that reads wait a "maximum" of 30 seconds . And warns to not let sit on your wheels , as will agitate and tear up the finish of the wheels. So make sure if you use professional wheel cleaners you get off within 30 seconds and don't let dry.

Some Quality Tyre Dressing Options in New Zealand:

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