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🎥 VIDEO: How to Clean Your Car Windows like Pro! ✨

May 17, 2019



  1. Clean one window at a time. Spray a window with the window cleaner and wipe clean with the box method. Wiping from corner to corner in a clockwise direction. Then up and down and then from left to right through the middle. (Cleans most of the debris off the window)
  2. Spray clay lubricant on the glass and then using the clay block wipe the window up and down and left to right.
  3. Then using the same towel as step #1 wipe the window again clean. 
  4. Using the second cloth buff the window clean.
  5. Apply Protection Final touch: Window Protection.Spray the window with a few sprays trying to cover all areas. Then using cloth #2 wipe it down for a last time using again the same method as above, the box method.


📋 What you need:

  1. Streak Free Window Cleaner
  2. Clay Bar & Clay Lubricant
  3. 2 x Microfibre Clothes
  4. Glass Protection Spray


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